The Sublime in Nature

Bella Kesoyan
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Less a methodological archive than an exploration of the soul of the works of art, this publication was conceived as a natural continuation of The Sublime in Nature exhibition in the hope of providing the reader with the opportunity to further delve into the magnificent narratives animated within the show. The structure of the book echoes the anatomy of the historic Cork Street space, creating a three-level stairway culminating in the opulence of the Rose Cloister, while the assortment of materials employed in the project creates a complex tactile experience. The featured texts by Dr. Albert Godetzky and Dr. Madeleine Haddon investigate different dimensions of the works by Claude Lalanne and Didier William, while the core essay by Bella Kesoyan provides an overarching link between the artists and the leitmotif of the sublime in congruence with the curatorial insights of Daniel Malarkey.

Limited edition cloth bound hardcover book; hand-numbered and signed by the curator and the editor. Eight unique cover images featuring the works of Celia Paul, Gladys Nilsson, Patrizio di Massimo, Claude Lalanne, Didier William, Paul P., Tancredi di Carcaci or Tom Schneider allow for the customisation of the individual copy of the publication. Each image of the artwork is printed separately and mounted onto the cover in a unique position by hand. The book, finished in three different types of material also includes two gatefolds with the images of Tancredi di Carcaci’s ‘Madonnas’.

In November 2021 The Sublime in Nature won ‘The Best Book’ at the Digital Printer Awards 2021.

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The Best Book 2021
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